Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dragonflies and other Insects

Other Fish: To your immediate right, Swimming Upstream was in the Best of 2006, the Ohio Designer Craftsman show. It is sold. The second to the right is a fish with a wonderful collection of African trade beads, turquoise and Thai silver. Price:$210
The third one is made for my sister. It has carved jade and pressed metal Chinese beads. Next one is sold as well, same elements. The last one I sold last year in Anacortes.
Be sure to check out my earlier posts: the animal wearing kimono series. They are lots of fun and whimsy. Before we hop in the car to head for the Anacortes Arts Festival, August 3rd, 4th and 5th, i want to add a few more images.

Chinese Rook has enameled Chinese beads, vintage Chinese glass and embossed metal beads,lapis, Ethiopian prayer beads and a pewter clasp.Price: $195.
Also shown are some other necklaces with ravens. The second is called Thief of Corn and is sold. the next one down is called Loves Shiny Things it captures the true character and personality of these lively birds. the necklace has freshwater pearls, abalone, amethyst, and Thai silver, with a sterling clasp. Price:$290.
Then just to remind you to look at the kimono series I have included Kujaku (peacock)Kimono.

This necklace has two KOI circling a carved jade bead. I purchased the bead in China Town in Vancouver last year. As soon as i saw the bead, i saw the necklace, in my mind. The other beads are jade, quartz, aventurine both green and red and carnelian. the clasp is a brass hook that slips into a carved jade fish. Price: $290

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Frog and Toad

These two necklaces are the first and last of the kimono series. Kabuki Toad was the first. He is holding a piece of jade with Tibetan silver caps, there are other silver capped beads, jade, sponge coral, a lovely vintage white heart,Thai silver, and a really great sterling horn toad clasp. This necklace is $385.00. The 2nd necklace is Danshigue(dancing) Frog. This delightful reptile is wearing a kimono covered with water lilies. He has a lamp glass bead in one hand and a carved jade flower from Afghanistan in the other: These beads repeat in the necklace along with Thai silver and the clasp is sterling. Mr. Frog is $420.00.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fox in the Henhouse, this sly fellow has a string of Thai silver chickens. The necklace is carved coral, Thai silver and amethyst. The clasp is sterling. Price: $385.

Hokritai (proud) Bear is clutching a carved bone fish. He is in a kimono wich is covered with pine bows and cones. The necklace is strung with cones carved of black jade from Australia, jasper leaves, brass and jade(both black and green) from Afghanistan the clasp is brass. Price: $420.

The Samurai Coyote is celbrating a victory, holding Tibetan silver capped turquoise high above his head. The necklace has Chinese carved glass beads, turquoise,and Navajo sterling beads the clasp is heavy sterling. Price$375.

This charming rook is wearing a Kwaku (peacock feathered) Kimono.She is holding a large piece of turquoise to her breast. The necklace is strung with branch coral, turquoise and Tibetan and Thai silver beads. The clasp is ebony and sterling. Price: $$400.

This is a very dramatic Samurai Lizard waving jasper leaves. He is ready for battle in his elegant green brocade kimono. The necklace is strung with jasper, agate, jade and copper beads. The toggle is copper with brass and sterling trim. Price: $385.

Ryoushi Raccoon, the fisherman has his hands full with a Thai silver fish and turtle. His kimono has waves of white and silver on it and he looks like he is ready for dinner. The beads in the necklace are porcelain, Thai silver and lapis and the art nouveau style clasp is sterling.The price is $320.

Rabbit Geisha

This dainty little rabbit is wearing a kimono with wisteria on it. Her obi is a minty green which matches the two chrysoprase stones she is holding. The other beads are cloisonne, jade, rhodonite, turquoise and old carved ivory. The clasp is brass and the price is $385.