Thursday, August 6, 2009

Amazing Hand-Sculpted Jewlery

I was born in Seattle and spent my formative years in the Pacific Northwest, gardening, hiking and fishing with my family. At an early age I learned to appreciate beauty and creativity, from my mom. I graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA in painting and an individual study in Fiber with Richard Proctor(a student of Jack Lenore Lawson). I have lived in Mt. Vernon, Washington, Seattle(on a houseboat), Massachusetts, Washington D.C, Ohio, Louisiana and now we live in New Mexico.
Currently I am painting and making jewelry. I previously have made quilts and wearable art. The two things that inspire my jewelry making are combining color and texture and the joining of old and new. I am inspired by nature and organic objects. There is a little bit of Native American and Asian influence in every piece I make. I have found great joy in creating these pieces and I hope you will enjoy wearing them.

I am continually searching for different and unusual beads. Sometimes I see a bead and I know the necklace that goes with it. Other times I want to use a certain animal and I look for something that fits what I have been thinking about. In my necklaces I incorporate beads from many countries.
In particular:
  • THAI SILVER BEADS- which are a higher silver content than sterling and are perfect little works of art in themselves.
  • TIBETAN SILVER CAPPED BEADS-these wonderful beads can be carved or painted, the ends are capped with tooled silver. The stones that I use are most often carnelian, lapis, turquoise, and carved Naga shell.
  • CHINESE CLOISONNE-these are lovely beads that are enameled, usually with a floral design and are created in many gorgeous colors.
  • CHINESE AND AFRICAN WOODEN BEADS-the beads from China are often painted. The carved beads represent many types of wood and a variety of textures and patinas.
  • BONE FROM INDIA, CHINA AND AFRICA-from Chinese batik dyed bone, to the multitude of colors and shapes of the carved beads from any countries . Bone lends a warm touch to many pieces.
  • HORN BEADS-mostly from Africa, they lend a richness.
  • AFRICAN TRADE BEADS-most of these are glass beads from Florence, that have become more lovely as they traveled through many lands and many hands.
  • SEMI-PRECIOUS STONES AND METALS-these beads come from all over the world; Navajo sterling, Ethiopian brass and nickel prayer beads, Chinese metal beads, jade, turquoise, copal amber, carnelian, amethyst, lapis, coral, fresh water pearls and many other wonderful beads find their way into my work.
  • VINTAGE BEADS-this category includes many of the beads that are listed above. I particularly like the craftsmanship and patina of the older beads.
How my jewelery is made: Every necklace has one or more feature pieces that are hand sculpted from polymer clay. After the pieces are fired, I paint each one with acrylic paint, to compliment and be complimented, by the beads I have chosen. I then varnish the sculpted component with acrylic varnish. Every piece that I make is individual. No forms or molds are ever used.
Here are some necklaces I've made. If you wish specific information about these or other necklaces please email me.

One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.

Oscar Wilde

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Diane Nassir, Sandia Park, NM said...

Beautiful in concept, expression, and realization--appreciate your words as they offer insight into how you view the world